Introduce Lap Trinh Ban Than blog

Why do i have this blog?

The reason I created this blog is very vague, but I can list some main reasons as follows:

- I’m a Information Technology student who is very passionate about the web and all that.

- Study demanding to follow the bloggers.

- A place to record what you have learned so you can look it up.

- Practice writing and presenting skills for yourself.

- Simply make yourself a beautiful profile in the eyes of employers.

- Every day I have a lot of friends and relatives asking questions related to the IT industry so to avoid having to answer the duplicate issues, I am writing this blog for everyone to see.

What does this blog have?

- The specialized knowledge is dry.

- Tools make something for personal use.

- Some useful tips for everyone.

- Roll, slash about life.

- It was like a diary.

This blog helps anyone?

For myself, this blog is my darling so I will never leave it.

With others, depending on the needs of each person, the level of help will vary.

About the author Duong Nam Truong

My name is Duong Nam Truong, a student of Information Technology.

My passion is the web, so right from the beginning of the university entrance exam, I set out in advance the field that I was going to follow so everything is going well now.

Currently, in addition to studying in school, I spend all my time learning web-related programming languages, frameworks, English… to hone my skills.

Nam Truong