Proficiency in Git part 1

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Hi friends, this is the first post in my Git series. This series is for anyone because it’s basic.

Easy to understand, concise, concise. Hope to help you.

What is git?

- Distributed source management software

- Currently one of the most popular source code management software.

Install Git

I will only guide to install on Linux. As for other operating systems, the installation is similar, you can refer to Git.

For Ubuntu, Kali Linux, .. (Debian-based distributions):

$ sudo apt install git-all -y

Once installed, continue to type:

$ git --version

to check if you’ve successfully installed Git or not?

Set up Git

To use Git, you must configure its username and password.

Login Email configuration

$ git config --global "your email"

Your name configuration

$ git config --global "your name"

Because every time you perform a Push operation, Git will ask for a password again, which is quite inconvenient, so we will save a temporary password in ram to solve this problem.

$ git config --global credential.helper 'cache --timeout=18000'

Good luck.

In part 2, we will learn some basic git commands.

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