Hi, this tutorial will show you how to create a new repository and work with it with some basic commands.

Create a new repository or reinitialize an existing one

$ git init

This command creates an empty repository, basically creating a .git directory containing subfolders for objects, refs/heads, refs/tags and template files.

Every operation with the local repository, history will also be saved into this directory.

Introducing the README.md file

- Not only with Git but with any source code and repository, we can easily see the appearance of README.md.

- README.md is optional but essential.

- Programmers, creators of source code or software often write in the manuals or simply write introductory information to help people better understand their projects.

- Written in markdown language, writing like pure text and marked with special characters to format the text.

Track changes on the repository

$ git status

The above command will tell you what you just changed in the repository and ask you to git add to include it in the commit if you haven’t already included it.

Confirm and package the changed files

$ git commit -m "desciption for change"

The above command encapsulates the changes into an Object and assigns it a label as your description.

This part I temporarily end here. The next part I will introduce some other commands like log, show, diff.

I wish you success offline.

Keywords: Git