Some other basic commands, git log, git show, git diff.

View the history and information of commits

$ git log

The git log command is used to review the history of commits and the information of each commit such as the author’s name, the commit date and the description of the commit.

$ git log
commit 50ef5484c2b98d06600f75b819105dc9b4cefa6b (HEAD -> source)
Author: namtruongdev <[email protected]>
Date:   Sun Jan 26 21:53:28 2020 -0500


View the contents of the committed file

$ git show 50ef5484c2b98d06600f75b819105dc9b4cefa6b

The command git show + ID of the commit is used to view the file contents before editing and after editing the files that have been committed.

View the contents of the edited file but not committed

$ git diff

The git diff command is used to view the content before and after editing of files but has not been committed.

This post I temporarily stop here. In the following post, I will explain terms like Working dir, Staging area, Repository.

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