Confided after the protection of the junior internship subject

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So I just finished the last course of 2019 at my beloved school. I packed up and got ready to go home, I miss my parents so much.

So what are you still doing here?

Actually, I just went to protect the subject of internship in junior file. Today there are quite a lot of emotions for this subject so I sit down to write a few lines to save.

Error? No error?

The road from the 7th floor of C12 floor to my house was very sad and blamed myself for failing to keep my cool during the demo project for the teacher, eyes closed with open eyes and accidentally writing extra spaces. resulting in the computer not deploying the code. The teacher gave me 10 minutes of time and because of that error, I had too much time, I was lucky that I could fix it in time, so I probably got bad grades but still passed.

The truth exposes

Oh my God. When I got home, I turned on the computer and calmly manipulated it to see if there was anything that it could fault while I was so used to it and had run it hundreds of times at home, I wasn’t kidding.

At this point, I know that the error is not due to the initiative, but it is partly due to the objective error from the teacher - the fault lies in his request for me to post an article on the web with the content. is “Happy New Year”.

It is not actually considered an error. Because simply the phrase “Happy New Year” is too short and the platform I use to build the web does not allow posting an article too short. That’s all.

No matter when an error occurs, obviously I see nothing wrong but the code that it will not run will hurt. At the time when the oil was boiling, it was so hot, “teacher”.

Conclusions and lessons learned


That happened today was beyond my expectations. Can’t blame me, right?

Because I have never posted with such short content before. Looking at the content of the article you are reading is enough to understand.


In order to prepare for today, I was awake all day and night to do bad things, but I only allowed to talk for 10 minutes. So I don’t know what to say.

==> Next time, study other similar subjects, you probably don’t need to do much.

I feel that people seem to be a bit stigmatized front end or some kind of website made of HTML, CSS, JS. I really don’t like that. The teacher doesn’t care what his web is writing or anything else. Ask me every easy question and the situation of bad crying and laughing as above =)).

==> Either way, JavaScript is still the programming language I like best and it is still promising in the future.

Thinking it is a bit guilty for me. If the error is correct, it is already a new error. What an irony …

Well, anyway, it’s easy to pass the high and low grades, as if drawing a quarterly and black lesson at the end of the year for it to be so fun.

Goodbye everyone, have a happy Tet.

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