Hi friend, Today Lap Trinh Ban Than will bring you a new trick that I think will help a lot of you. Plus there are many inboxes asking me, thanks to me doing instructions on unlocking Facebook so I will guide you to unlock Facebook whole episode from A - Z.

No more talking. Let’s get to the main point.

Case 1: Unlock Facebook when using a fake name

Support link: Click here

Attached information of the identity card.

After sending in the Support Link, you go to the support mailbox of the account and reply as follows:

 Hello facebook team: This is my id card.I’m sorry the wrong information in this. I hope that will be soon confirmed this account with the following information

 Full name: <Enter your full name>

 Date of birth: <Enter your date of birth>

 Thanks Facebook Team.

Remember to attach your identity card.

Case 2: Unlocking the Facebook account is disabled

See the link with 583, then continue to follow the steps below:

  1. You fake your IP address to Hungary (India, United Kingdom, China is okay or no need IP facke is okay) + Change to US language.

  2. Visit the support links below:

    Link 1

    Link 2

    Link 3

  3. You fill out the information as the links above required.

  4. For additional information, you enter the following:

   I think this is a mistake.
   I can confirm my account via government issued ID card.

Receive a response, please reply.

Case 3: Unlocking a Facebook account is checkpoint

First log into your account, send a screenshot of your face.

After sending the image, it will show the words You can’t login right now with the logout button, you do not click the logout button, turn on another tab and go to the following link: Click here.

Please note that only the account with the checkpoint can access the link, the normal account will show this page as unavailable.

You go to that link, select your identification (ID, student ID, student ID, etc.) and upload, remember to keep the link of the case after sending the papers.

After the case has a response, you answer the following:

 – I read Facebook's community standards, I think I do not violate the terms.
 – Maybe my Facebook account is disabled is wrong.
 – I hope Facebook will review and reactivate my account.
 – Below are some of my personal information.
My name: <your name>
My birthday: <your birthday>

Case 4: Unlocking a Facebook account FAQ

Step 1: Go to Facebook, fake ip to Laos + Change language to Korean.

Step 2: Login your Facebook account has been FAQ.

Step 3: Use the following 3 links to unlock.

Remember to Fake Korean language:

Link 1

For additional information, complete this mantra:

   나는 팀이 입증 된 형태로이 계정의 잠금
을 해제하기 위해 정부의 서비스를 참조 할 우리

Link 2

For additional information, complete this mantra:

 나는 항상 팀에 주어진 규칙을 준수하지
 만, 여기에 팀이 양식을 증명하고 계정의 잠금을
 해제하기 위해이 편지를 고려해야 할 것으로 예
 상 뭔가 문제가있다. 그것은 나에게 매우 중요하
 기 때문에

Link 3

When receiving Email from Facebook, reply with the following form:

 안녕하세요 팀 페이스 북이 내 검증 된 템플릿이
 며, 팀은 살펴 후는 사랑하는 사람과 나의 가장
 기억 때문에 나를 위해이 계정을 다시 활성화 할
 수 있습니다. 페이스 북 몽 팀은 검토 및 잠금 해

 이메일 : (Your Email)
 계정 이름 : (Your facebook name)
 생일 : (Your birthday)
 여권에 내 ID : (your ID in the passport)

Case 5: Unlocking a Facebook account FAQ SEX

You fake the UK IP + UK Language (United Kingdom).

Go to SEX FAQ Account, then complete this support link: Click here

Then you fill in and upload your identity card.

In the Supplementary section, write:

 I think I locked Account is in error.
 Please check and unlock my account.

Send 3 minutes but Facebook does not have to reply Mail, you wait for Facebook to reply, because the SEX FAQ is difficult to answer, when you receive the email, reply as follows:

 Hello Facebook Team :
 This is of my identity card issued by the government, so please check it and unlock my account
 Email: <Your email>
 Full name: <Your full name>
 Birthday: <Your birthday>
 My ID in passport: <Passport number/identity card>
 URL : facebook.com/<url to your facebook account>
 I think there is one mistake in the lock my account! Thanks for read.


Continuing, I will show you how to reset case and mail when spammed. Helping you when sending suspended IDs or appeals to Facebook too many times (resulting in spam case + mail).


You fake IP to Hungary (India, United Kingdom, China is okay) + US language, then go to the following support links:

Link 1

Link 2

Go to link 1:

  1. Tick ​​this line This doesn’t answer my question

  2. Select the first line I can’t access my Facebook account and want a copy of my data

  3. Select the last line My account has been suspended

  4. And fill following the form:

 Full name: Full name of Facebook account (Remember to belong to your Facebook account)
 Country of residence: Vietnamese

The last 2 lines of the email you entered are spam.

Tick I agree and send.

Ok keep the same IP address and language.

Go to link 2:

Line 1: Enter the email has been spammed.

Line 2: Enter this mantra:

I did not receive contact email from facebook!

Send it. 😉

So just now I have finished instructions for you to unlock the whole Facebook account. From now on, I have less inhibited when I have been reported by some components, right?

How would you rate this trick? Let me hear your comments in the comments.

Good luck!

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