How to rename Facebook a word in 2018

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This is the easiest way to get a one-word name on Facebook in 2018. I have tried many times this way and until now when I wrote this article, it still succeeds.

Most people want to remove last name from their Facebook accounts. There are many reasons like like, cool, or to make a difference to people. But Facebook doesn’t allow some users from certain countries to use one-letter names. That’s because most people names contain two words. However, not in all cases. In fact, users prefer to use one-letter names to make their personal pages beautiful and attractive.

There are thousands of people forced to name two words in their names while creating a Facebook profile. But, now you do not have to do this. Even if you have an old account, you can still do it your way. I tried this method to change for myself and help my friends and relatives easily get a Facebook name for one word in 2018.

The basic method behind all these steps is to trick Facebook into letting its algorithm think you are from that country, where a single-word Facebook name is allowed. Indonesia is a country where Facebook allows users to name a word in their profile.

So, I will guide you step by step so you can change the name of Facebook one word. No need to download anything or follow any tips in most steps. All very easy to follow. All you need to do is edit with Facebook and install the browser on your mobile phone/desktop (Encourage use of Chrome browser on computer).

I have tried these methods many times and they all succeeded. If you follow the steps below and you can’t change your Facebook name one word, please contact me for support or because the IP address is no longer working, you can search for another IP address on the internet and then instead and if worst is Facebook has fixed it, I will try to find other ways to guide you.

How to rename Facebook a word

Now, let’s get to the main point. Please follow the order of the steps you guide.

Before getting started, make sure you meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Browser, such as Mobile or Desktop browser.

  2. Fast internet connection.

  3. Facebook account login information (Many people when logging into Facebook are startled: “Oh! What’s my password?”).

As I mentioned above, Indonesians are allowed to use one word name on Facebook. So we are going to trick Facebook into thinking they are from Indonesia. Then the gate to rename Facebook a word will open. Now you need an Indonesian IP address.

If you have tried this once and have failed, then you can try again. The reason behind the failure is simple, you cannot find a good proxy address or it is not an Indonesian one.

In fact, most users are unable to properly edit their browser settings to connect using the address they provided. Therefore, I will guide you to the most complete and detailed as possible. There is also a list of Indonesia’s best proxy IP addresses that you should use.

List of proxy servers you should use

Free IP proxy Port 8080 3128 80 8080 808 8080 3128 80 8080 9797

This is a list of servers that I find very good and they work well too. All of them are tested and work well at the time of writing this article.

I am absolutely sure that most proxies will work. I recommend using a PC for this way. I tried to set up the proxy in some Android devices and most of them couldn’t connect. In fact, one can only apply proxy settings to the WiFi network. You cannot easily apply them to your mobile data.

If you are using Chrome, just go to Settings > Advanced/Advanced.

Then down you’ll find the Proxy option, click on it:

A Window dialog box will appear, select Lan Settings.

Select Use Proxy For Your Lan, enter the IP and Port.

Click OK, now try to visit any website and check if the website works.

If it works, then move on to the next steps below to get a one-word name on Facebook.

Steps to rename Facebook one word

  1. Visit the Facebook settings page and select Language > Set Preferred Language.

  2. Now, let’s set the language to Bahasa Indonesia.

  1. After this step, go to Facebook’s General Settings.

  2. Then, click on the item name, select Edit.

  3. Delete your last name and change the name as you like as usual then click Change.

Note: Make sure your name is the same as your desired name. You cannot change it later within 60 days.

If you can't change it: There are only two possibilities, your IP address is still not Indonesia, so you should visit the Whatismyipaddress website to know your IP location. If not in Indonesia, you need to read the steps above to set up the proxy connection.

The next possibility is that you may have changed your name in the last 60 days and Facebook doesn’t allow you to change it again.

So I have instructed you to change the Facebook name for one word already.

Good luck!

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