Create dozens of Gmail accounts on 1 phone number

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As you know, currently Gmail only allows us to create up to 5 Gmail accounts on 1 phone number, if that number is exceeded, it will not work.

This tip, I also picked up, steal from a Group on Facebook and tested it to see ok then I share it again for you. I know for normal people, there probably is no need to create multiple Gmail accounts for nothing but if you need multiple Gmail accounts to create Facebook Clone or to serve some purpose for individuals, Bla bla … then would definitely need. Well, let’s get to the main point.

Step 1

Visit the address: to create an account. Enter your phone number then select Next.

Step 2

Wait a few minutes, you will receive a message to send verification to the phone number you entered above. Your message is accompanied by a link of type:, the xyz segment is the code to create your Gmail account.

Step 3

Open the new link received just now, you will see a form to help you create an account out. The next step is to fill in the form and click Next.

Step 4

After clicking Next, you will be redirected to a new link. This will be the place for you to create your Gmail name and other information.

Step 5

Complete the steps above and click Finish. Now your Gmail account has been successfully registered.

With the above registration method, you only use 1 correct phone number so you can register forever and forever register your Google account without fear of being limited.

Note: Only 5 accounts will be registered per day, 5 accounts will be registered the next day.

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