Block Window updates permanently

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Hello, many people have been asking me how to block updates on Windows recently. Even people who know about computers and don’t know computers will ask that question.

Currently there are many ways to block Window updates but within this article I just mentioned two main ways. Because these two ways in my opinion it is easy to do and fastest implementation, anyone can do it.

Method 1. Blocking by Services.msc

This way I see it temporarily blocked only, not very good but keep raising. If you do not like it, you can choose option 2 to block it thoroughly.

STEP 1: Press Window + R key combination to open the run dialog box

Then type the services.msc command to open the services dialog box.

STEP 2: After the services dialog box appears. We scroll down to find the Window Update line

Double click on the Window Update line. The Window Update Properties dialog box opens, following the steps shown below.

Method 2. Blocking by software StopUpdates10

This method is too ok, it completely blocks window updates with just one click.

If you don’t like blocking anymore, you can completely unblock it with just one click.

STEP 1: Download the software

This software has two versions: Portable (Re-usable always without installation) and the version must be installed before it can be used.

Depending on your choice, select the appropriate version:

- Portable: Download

- Normal version: Download

STEP 2: After downloading, opening or installing the software, click on the Stop Windows Updates line at the bottom of the screen and you’re done.

Your window has been completely blocked from updating.

It is done. Where you want to unblock updates. Then reopen the StopUpdates10 software and select Restore Windows Updates

Good luck!

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